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How to Download and Install The Pakubuwono View Mobile Application
Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Before installing this application in your Blackberry Smartphone, you are required to register first through our Tenant Relation Officer. Following this registration process, a default user name and “password” will be provided for you.

Please follow below steps to complete the installation;
Step 1: Open browser icon on your Blackberry (internet explorer, mini opera, etc)
Step 2: Types following URL download installer
This link is sensitive and it requires to be typed correctly!
Step 3: TPV Mobile Application, version and etc will appear when link is correctly typed
Step 4: Click the “download” button and wait until completed
Step 5:If success, “Run” and Read “Term of Service” (TOS) will appear. Please read the “TOS” before using the application
Step 6: Try to “Run” the application. Application will be located in BB-Download folder
Step 7: Type your “User name” and “Password” given to you by the TRO
Step 8: “Change password” question will pop up and you may require to change your
default password to your personal one.
Step 9: You may start browsing the application.

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