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Cleanliness and Waste Disposals
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We would like to notify all residents of The Pakubuwono View in respect to our House Rules & Regulations in regard to a mandatory policy "Cleanliness and Waste Disposals".Article 4.2.5 on our House Rules and Regulations said:"Residents are not allowed to throw anything out off the balconies and / or the windows. Indiscriminate throwing of garbage or any item shall be subject to severe penalty and / or other sanctions as determined by the Building Management.Please be advised that throwing anything out off the balconies of the unit is not permitted. Such practice might contaminate the area and others balcony below your unit and our residence are left messy. Therefore, we seek your outmost cooperation in strictly observing this regulation by ensuring that any waste disposals are thrown in its place.

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