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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Accordance to the House Rules and Regulation;

• Article 3.1.3. “All vehicles must be registered with the Building Management for the issuance of the parking stickers which shall be renewable yearly at the beginning of each year. Re-registration of vehicles and drivers will be required prior to issuance of new parking stickers. The Sticker must be placed on at the bottom right hand corner of the windshield of the vehicle” and, 

• Article 3.1.7. “The Building Management has full authority to refuse any vehicle to enter The Pakubuwono View” As well as a reminder letter which has been circulated on November 29, 2012, herewith we would like to remind again that if we still find any vehicle parked in the basement area without sticker until February 10, 2013, we have no other choices than to deactivate the registered parking card effective on the following day. This will caused you unable to park your vehicle at the apartment area for temporary. To avoid this exercise, we recommend you to contact our TRO at basement three for assistance.

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